Product Review: Mary Kay Disposable Facial Cloth and how to detoxify your face

Written on: 19 June 2017 

I didn’t detox my face at all prior to using MARY KAY skincare products. My Mary Kay beauty consultant (BC) did ask me to detox my face first using milk, coconut water or cold water with fruit-iced-cube infusion. However, I didn’t do that due to my hectic life at that time. Plus, I didn’t quite understand the benefits of doing it so I skipped this detoxification time. I started using the MARY KAY skincare regimens straight away without any gap.

But some MK beauty consultants will make it compulsory for you to detoxify your face before using any of Mary Kay skincare products. It depends on your skin condition and your BC knows it well. Later, as I recently read more about Mary Kay skincare on various blogs, I think I should have detoxified my face first. I just read about the Mary kay-way of detoxifying your face. You can try!

You may need:
-Mary Kay Disposable Facial Cloth   = RM11.00 (30 sheets)
-Tap water

-Additional item if you are using make up:
** Mary Kay Oil-free Eye Makeup Remover  = RM68.00 (110 ml)

That’s all! Use only clean water to wash your face every day within 2-4 weeks. Just water! Don’t use any washing gels/cleansers/soap during this detoxification time. Wipe your face with wet Mary Kay Disposable Facial Cloth to get rid of excessive residues such as natural oil and dirt. Some believe that you cannot use any makeup during this time, but some say you can use makeup as long as you remove your makeup well at the end of the day.

If you use makeup during this period but make sure to clean your face well especially before you go to sleep every night. Remember, since you are only using WATER to clean your face, it is very difficult to get rid of makeup applied. Wet your Mary Kay Disposable Facial Cloth to remove your makeup. Some say you have no choice but to use your makeup remover. But after that, wash your face right away with a lot of water. Remember that some makeup remover contains alcohol which may dry out your skin. During this period of detox you don’t use any moisturizer. So you might experience dryness in your skin. So avoid using makeup remover which contains alcohol. You can use Mary Kay Oil-free Eye Makeup Remover during this time if you want. It is oil-free and alcohol-free.

This bag of Mary Kay Disposable Facial Cloth contains 30 sheets. To save, I cut one sheet into eight small pieces. So I have 240 small sheets for every RM11.00 spent, instead of only 30 sheets of big facial cloth.

If you are out of this facial cloth, there is a substitute for it! For your information, it is almost similar to baby wipes which you can easily find at any supermarkets. The only difference is MK Facial Cloth is dry, not wet, without any liquid at all. So all you have to do is to wash a baby wipe sheet under running tap water to remove the liquid, before using it. This is because, some people are allergic to certain ingredients in the baby wipes especially when to be used on face. Then you can use it to wipe your face! The baby wipes I normally use is Pureen Baby Wipes which only costs me about RM5.00 for 80 sheets. But now, I always use MK Facial Cloth which I cut into small pieces because it is easier to use and cheaper at price.

As I read many blogs written by various Mary Kay Beauty Consultants, they say this ‘detox time’ is to allow someone’s face to rest from using the previous skincare. This is to create a gap prior to using Mary Kay skincare regimens. During this detox time, some people will experience various skin discomforts including acne pimples, dullness and rashes. The discomfort depends on what type of skincare they have been using before. If they don’t experience anything like that, that means they can use Mary Kay regimens as soon as possible. If they experience some discomforts, they have to lengthen the detoxification time to a few more days. At this moment, the respective BC will determine which Mary Kay products they should firstly use as an introduction to Mary Kay journey to healthy skin.

Please note that the need to detox your face (before using any Mary Kay skincare regimens) is completely optional. Different BCs have different styles in guiding you to beauty. You just need to believe in them. My case is different since my BC already knew exactly what MK products to give me, so I didn’t have to detoxify my face prior to using MK skincare. BUT remember! It is after all your face and how you will look in front of people. So you must study yourself online for more information so you have a clear idea of what you are using and even doing. DO NOT blindly trust your BC. READ and READ more related articles to become more confident.

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In the next post, I will talk about my first Mary Kay skincare products I purchased with prices. Stay tuned!

I am a new user of Mary Kay, officially starting on 27 April 2017. So what I write is truly based on my experience and observation for sharing purposes only. Yet, I myself do not know the outcomes of using these skincare regimens to my skin. So please contact me if you have inquiries.

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