My previous skincare products for oily skin

My face condition is dehydrated but oily and acne-prone. Weird! This post is to share with you about various skincare products I had been using for the past years until now (I am currently trying a new skincare regimen). This information might be useful to those out there who share the same skin condition as I am right now so they can relate to my previous skincare products and wrong routine. FYI, the climate in Malaysia is very warm and humid.

Written on: 18 June 2017

Let me start with the products I used during high-school, because I can't think of any skincare I used earlier than that...LOL. Well, as a young teenager, my face was oily with a few pimples after I hit my puberty at the age of 14. But I can still vividly remember having whiteheads all over my nose at the age of 13 in Form 1.  I can still imagine that funny moment, I was with one of my bestfriend at that time at the balcony in front of our classroom. She was looking at my nose and said, "Eiii...geramnya nak picit whiteheads tu. Meh sini nak picit. Best". And I was like WHAT!!! LOL.  Judging from that incident, I would say I have been having whiteheads since I was 13 or even earlier.

That time, I used LACTACYD facial wash as my daily  routine probably in the morning as I woke up and after school. I didn't use any moisturizers at all, just a cleanser. I should say, at this moment, I was just a normal young girl with mild acne problems. So, of course, my life after high school was accompanied by common acne scars here and there, but some are almost invisible. Then, being a senior at school (Form 4 and 5), I started to try other commercial products. I remember using Golden Herb's Soap from Sendayu Tinggi  when I was in Form 5. I really love that facial soap! The smell is so nice as I can still imagine it!

During my first degree years (2008 - 2010), I had been changing more of skincare products including the whole set of Cleopatra Cosmetics which was always bought by my mother, and Sabun LUNAS R'sdong which I really loved. But as long as I can remember, after 2010, I fall in love with and started using one particular type of facial soap called rice milk soap (sabun susu beras) from various companies including the local brands (Malaysia) M and D; and also from a Thailand company. I loved its smell too! I don't know how to describe it but the pleasant smell gave me the sense of calmness! This type of soap usually produces a lot of foams as much as a body soap bar does.

My skin was flawless when I used this soap

I loved using this type of facial soap  back then because it gave me a clear and flawless face. Below is my picture (on the left) in year 2012, during my second year of master’s degree. I didn’t suffer any skin problems as long as I used this type of sabun susu beras (rice milk soap). It made my oily skin dry, and that was what I loved about it. I didn't use any moisturisers either this time. But I can still remember using jars of day cream. It is a normal day cream which also works as a makeup foundation with SPF15. I finished with some pats of pressed powder after applying this cream all over my face. The brand of my pressed powder I always used was PIXY. I loved it!!!

At that moment, some scars on my face were not even visible and could easily be concealed by light makeup. However, on my forehead, I could feel many small lumps here and there underneath my skin. I didn’t know what they were at that time. I didn’t care because my face had been flawless for more than 2 years.

I initially thought, what my skin is like right now (dehydrated, acne-prone and oily skin) is due to what I ate, not so much on what skincare regimens I used, because I have sinusitis. Yes, I was WRONG. Little did I know that actually the excessive use of rice milk facial soap type which I had been using was harmful for my skin.  Since I didn't use any moisturizer to hydrate my skin, the foam in the soap (due to my bad routine) was peeling my skin especially the outer layer of it which is epidermis. Without that layer, any acne pimples will simply hide underneath as they can't really go out.  That is why my face was flawless at that time. **That's the best explanation a lay man can ever give...hahaha!

Actually, I had been using rice milk soaps for many years until one day I stopped end of June 2013, when I felt my skin was getting drier and drier at certain parts of my face. I had to use ROSKEN Skin Repair Dry Skin Cream. It is a daily moisturiser for dry to extra dry skin.

I just recently read a blog written by a lovely girl, saying that her face breakout after she stopped using a regimen and the comments from other users are surprising too. Well, I am sure that this only happens to those who are sensitive to this type of soap. BUT I am sure my case is different I think. I used this type of soap excessively so it made my skin dry at certain parts and became flaky. My bad, I used it so many times in a day probably 6 times daily, whenever I think I had to wash my face, especially every time before prayer. This routine is not recommended, for I didn't use any moisturizer to hydrate my skin. 

Then I used Safi Skincare regimen for about 6 months, together with OXY 10 cream for acne pimples. In the middle of using Safi products which are safe and mild to my skin, I felt like I need to eat food supplement to get a flawless face with healthy skin. I had only a few pimples here and there during the usage.

I really love this Safi skincare regimen. It is very mild and suitable for damaged skin.

My breakout nightmare began when a friend introduced me to this traditional food supplement, minyak kelapa dara (virgin coconut oil - VCO). It was a well-known product back then and certified with KKM accreditation and JAKIM halal certificate too. My friend’s niece suffered a very bad sinusitis symptoms for years and was healed by this product, completely. So I thought I should try this VCO product so I can cure my sinusitis too! Then, I purchased two bottles of 60 soft gels each, taking 2 soft gels daily. After 1 month of consumption, I started to welcome various types of acne pimples during the healing crisis. I didn’t stop taking the soft gels right away but kept eating as usual until I finished the second bottle. Little did I know my face had turned into a great earth topography with red hills and pointy mountains of inflammatory pimples. So in late November 2013, I stopped immediately.
**Please refer my previous post about types of acne pimples

Some said, that was the healing crisis. The VCO product is very effective in eliminating toxins from the body. Indeed, I was also aware of that. Unfortunately, I was just started working at that time. Just imagine, I took my first picture for my ID card with that face. I had to cover my pimples with concealer. The makeup was very thick too, but the pimples are still visible in the picture. Sadly, I am still using the same ID card until now…lol. So everyone I just met especially my colleagues would forever think I have always been like this. Yes, the first impression is everything…lol. In sum, right after that, the journey of having the oily and acne-prone type of skin began.

Due to the breakout during my healing crisis of taking VCO, I stopped using Safi regimen and started using a rice milk soap again for two years (2014 and 2015), without knowing the fact that the soap was harmful to my skin IF WITHOUT using any additional moisturizers. I only used a day cream from the same company and its night cream which I seldom used. For certain dry parts of my skin, if any, I simply applied the ROSKEN Dry Skin Lotion.

I moved to the UK in January 2015 and continued using the ROSKEN Dry Skin Lotion as my daily moisturiser for the whole face, after washing it with rice milk soap. My face became better and clean for the whole fortunate year of 2015.

Rice milk soap top left

Then in early year 2016, I permanently stopped using that rice milk soap because parts of my face were hurting and became really dry, although I used the lotion. I started to use another facial soap, a safe one called Marine Essence Beauty Bar. This soap is really mild to me and I love it! But pimples kept appearing in 2016 because of my previous skincare history  (the excessive use of rice milk facial soap, day cream with SPF and orange-colour night cream). But this time, not too many pimples appeared at once.

I really love this Marine Essence Beauty Bar

Towards the end 2016, I came back to Malaysia and started using another local skincare regimen for about four months. It is botanical-based skincare (yellow facial bar, day cream with SPF and orange-colour night cream). I love the fact that it is plant-based! The first month was superb as my skin became clearer with acne gone. Later, I felt itchy all over my face every time after I washed my face. The third month was a disaster with all sorts of acne types on my forehead and cheeks. So I stopped at the forth month. AGAIN, this happened because of the excessive use of the facial soap! I remember washing my face like more than six times in a day! I liked the soap really much hence washing my face many times using it. Apart from that, the day cream (which also works as face foundation with SPF) might clog my pores. It is indeed not the non-comodogenic type. This has contributed to more pimples (pustules and nodules) on my face.

I really love these products but they are not suitable for my skin.

This might be a healing crisis but I decided to stop because of the itchiness caused. I think this skincare is alright because it is botanical-based. However, its facial soap is foamy. Since I had accustomed to the dry climate in the UK for two years, I felt uncomfortable with my oily face in the humid climate in Malaysia. As a result, I washed my face many times in a day and this is NOT GOOD! At that dreadful moment, I realised that washing my face using facial cleanser too many times would wash away the natural moisture of my skin, hence the itchiness occurred. **GOD is a Great Creator. HE creates natural oil on my face to naturally keep it moist. So I should feel blessed living in this climate.

Then again I used the mild Marine Essence Beauty Bar for another week to relax my face, until I borrowed my mother’s facial gel cleanser called D Cleanser for a week, together with its facial cream which can be applied both during the day and at night. Well, my face started to hurt, peel and feel dry all over my lips. It was so painful and itchy too! It was because of the foamy gel cleanser, I am sure. This was a BIG MISTAKE!

This time, I started to realise that my skin will reject any types of foaming cleanser. My skin seems oily all the time because it produces imbalance of oil sebum production. It has actually become a dehydrated type of skin! The foamy facial wash is actually drying my skin hence peeling off parts of the outer layer of my skin to become dead skin cells. Subsequently, the excessive oil and dead skin cells on my face have been clogged in my pores, so more acne pimples appear!

Without further delay, I googled to find a cleanser which does not produce foam and obviously soap-free. I found that Mary Kay has it. Then, I contacted my friend who happens to be an MK beauty consultant and I started to use Mary Kay Botanical Effects skincare as my facial treatment, officially on 27 April 2017.

Now I am still using Mary Kay and it makes my face WORSE because I am now in a healing crisis…hahaha. So that's alright! I will always KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON.... see my keep calm carpet here.

I hope for some improvements soon. Let’s hope this one will work!!!!!! In the next post, I will talk about my healing crisis experience after using Mary Kay regimen. Stay tuned!


  1. Have you tried Dr Ko's? Maybe you can have a consultation with her then use her products. It's one of the best as she's a dermatologist :)

  2. I haven't heard of Dr Ko's products but will surely look for it. That would be good. If my healing crisis goes on for many more months, I will definitely consult a dermatologist. Thanks for sharing.

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